'TOGETHER' Our Corporate Responsibility Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility is about doing business better, in a more sustainable responsible way, while supporting our local community.

We are aware of the important difference our company can make, and we endeavour to operate responsibly in all we do. Below constitutes our CR Strategy on how we aim to undertake our charitable, environmental and community activities in a sustainable and responsible manner.

We now have a strategy and a CR Steering Committee, which encompass those elements of the business that will drive our sustainability journey.             

Our Corporate Responsibility Vision: Making a positive impact, TOGETHER.

Our Corporate Responsibility Mission Statement: It is our mission that, TOGETHER, we will engage and empower our employees, customers, suppliers and neighbours to create positive, sustainable change within our environment, community and business. We will be an ethical, responsible and charitable employer. Who will act with care, honesty and integrity to ensure the continued well-being and advancement of our colleagues and our wider farming community.”

The 5 key pillars in our business strategy, are namely:

  • Our Environment
  • Our Colleagues
  • Our Communities
  • Our Agriculture
  • Our Customers

Targets across the 5 pillars have been set to drive the transition to total sustainability, this ranges from energy reduction to apprenticeship schemes, protecting and enhancing biodiversity and building local relationships with schools; direct supply chain, local charities, clubs and everything in between.

For further information on our Corporate Responsibility policy or if you have a request please email our Communications Manager Niall McCool -  Email: niall.mccool@fanevalley.com