News in July 2020

  • Drive Profit with Better Grass at Fane Valley Drive Profit with Better Grass at Fane Valley 23rd July 2020 This year has seen many challenges, including difficult conditions in some areas of the country which has led to low grass growth. Now we have seen a change and recent... Read more
  • Making More With Wholecrop Making More With Wholecrop 15th July 2020 Wholecrop silage can make an excellent quality forage for livestock farmers this winter. Well managed crops will provide a high quality, cost effective forage to maximise performance in your animals... Read more
  • Maximise Your Wholecrop’s Potential Maximise Your Wholecrop’s Potential 2nd July 2020 As we enter the month of July winter cereals begin to ripen and crops are fast entering the window for harvesting as wholecrop.  All cereals (wheat, barley, oats, triticale and rye)... Read more